FSC-LEF Fellowship Application Guidelines

Applications for the academic year 2024-25 FSC-LEF Fellowship are due February 8, 2024.

Opens December 1, 2023


Opens December 1, 2023

1. Please complete the online application form (available starting Dec. 1), which includes questions about your contact info, project, collaborators, schedule, equipment request, and links to online work samples. If you would like to save your work and return to the form later, click “submit” at the end; a link to your submission will be emailed to you for editing your entry before the deadline.

2. Please prepare 3 PDF files:

  • Proposal (up to 5 pages): must include a short description (up to 50 words); a longer description of the subject matter and creative approach; a statement on the project’s significance (historical, cultural, artistic, political, etc.); a statement about how the film’s form and ideas engage with those of other filmmakers, artists, writers, or thinkers; and bios for yourself and key collaborators. Please name your file using the format “FIRST LAST NAME Proposal.”
  • Project Budget (1-2 pages): a detailed, itemized listing of costs and possible sources of financing. You are welcome to use your own budget format or download this LEF Budget Template:
    Please name your file using the format “FIRST LAST NAME Budget.”
  • Curriculum Vitae: Please provide your CV, naming your file using the format “FIRST LAST NAME CV.”

3. Online work sample(s): You are required to submit a link to a sample from a previously completed work you directed. You may also submit a sample from a second work; if submitting a second sample, we strongly recommend that you submit footage or documentation for your proposed project. Please limit the total viewing time to 10 minutes between the sample works. If you submit a longer work, please specify which 10 minutes you would like the committee to view.

Online application and additional materials must be completed by the deadline of February 8, 2024 at 11:59 pm EST. For further information, please email fsc@fas.harvard.edu

Projects will be evaluated based on:

  • the written proposal’s expression of the project’s concept, its significance, and the originality of its approach to the nonfiction form.
  • the quality of cinematic form and technique demonstrated in the applicant’s sample work(s).
  • a consideration of how the filmmaker might benefit from and contribute to the FSC community.

If you do not have a Google account, please use this form instead.

If the completion of this written application is a barrier to applying for this opportunity and you would like to request an accessibility accommodation to submit your application by other means (i.e. video or audio application), please send an e-mail to fsc@fas.harvard.edu, preferably by two weeks ahead of the submission deadline.