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Steven Subotnick

Portrait of Steven Subotnick

FSC-Harvard Fellow 2004-05

Visiting Lecturer on Visual & Environmental Studies at Harvard University, award-winning animator Steven Subotnick’s films explore myth, fable, and history with dark humor and a painterly approach. His works include Devil’s Book and Hairyman. He also teaches, writes, and works commercially. Currently creating interactive animations designed to teach children music, Subotnick is completing his latest work, Glass Crow, at the Film Study Center. A poetic meditation on the Defenestration of Prague, Glass Crow consists of densely layered images of crows, battles, and landscapes — representing, respectively, levels of nature, humanity, and spirit.

FSC Works

Film Still from Glass Crow

Glass Crow

Steven Subotnick, animation, 6:20. (2004)

A poetic mediation on the defenestration of Prague in 1618 – the spark which ignited the Thirty Years’ War.

Direction, animation, and editing by Steve Subotnick; music by Alexander Stolmack-Ness and Joan LaBarbara.

Awarded first place in the Black Maria International Film and Video Festival, 2007, and the Animation Award, Flaherty Film Seminar, 2006.