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Sayed Zubair Hashimi

Portrait of Sayed Zubair Hashimi

FSC Associated Fellow 2023-24

Sayed Zubair Hashimi has nine years of teaching experience in the Cinema Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Kabul University and was a member of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Arts at Kabul University for four years. The Department of Cinema is the only academic institution in Afghanistan that trains young people in the field of filmmaking. During the nine years of teaching, he had an advisor role with cinema students as a mentor in screenplays and short films that included students’ guild projects. The films produced under Hashimi’s supervision reflect social issues.

Also, he wrote a treatise that compared the films of two decades of Afghanistan Cinema and wrote three scientific articles about Afghan cinema, which were published in the scientific journal of Kabul University.
Hashimi was a member of the three-member group of writers in two seasons of the series 24 episodes (the third line), which was broadcast on Tolo TV and was warmly received by the viewers.

He was also a member of the three-member group of radio drama writers (Friendship Farm) produced by Roya Film for immigrants and internally displaced people. This drama was written in 44 episodes and broadcast through local radio.
Sayed Zubair Hashimi founded the nonprofit organization Peshraw Cultural and Educational Organization, and through it, he voluntarily carried out cultural and educational activities for teenagers and street children.