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Samiullah Nabipour

Portrait of Samiullah Nabipour

FSC Associated Fellow 2023-24

Samiullah Nabipour is a prominent figure in the fields of culture and art in Afghanistan, known for his work as a university professor, researcher, and activist. He has been a professor at Kabul University for fourteen years and served as the head of the cinema department for six years and the faculty of art for two years. Nabipour has authored two treatises and six research articles on Afghan cinema. As one of the founders of the Cinema Department at Kabul University, Nabipour has played a vital role in the education and training of young filmmakers and producers in short film production in Afghanistan. The department is the only academic institution in the country dedicated to film education. Additionally, Nabipour founded the Kabul Student Film Festival, the first of its kind in Afghanistan, and served as its president for three terms. Nabipour has been honored for his work in the field of art and cinema, receiving recognition from President Ashraf Ghani on two occasions. He has also served as a judge at several international film festivals held in Afghanistan and has been a member of notable institutions, including the Scientific Council of Kabul University, the High Council of Arts of Afghanistan, the Union of Cinematographers of Afghanistan, and the Board of Directors.