Project Description

Noelle Stout

Portrait of Noelle Stout

FSC-Harvard Fellow 2004-05, 2005-06

A doctoral candidate in Harvard’s Department of Social Anthropology, Noelle Stout received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Anthropology and Feminist Studies from Stanford University. At the Film Study Center, she is working on her first feature-length documentary, Luchando, which is based on her dissertation research. Luchando reveals the ingenuity, vivacity and vulnerability of gay hustlers struggling to survive in Havana, Cuba. The title, Luchando (struggling), has historically referred to the fight for the revolution and has recently been appropriated by hustlers to describe their work with foreign tourists. Shot over the course of a year, the digital video uses a cinéma vérité approach to capture the daily adventures of four hustlers as they confront the contradictions and ironies of contemporary life in Cuba.