Project Description

Max Bowens

Portrait of Max Bowens

FSC-Harvard Fellow 2020-21, 2021-22, 2022-23

Max Bowens is a filmmaker and PhD Candidate in Film and Visual Studies, with secondary fields in Anthropology and Critical Media Practice. His current research focuses on time-based media, black geographies, feminist science and technology studies, and phenomenologies of ephemera. His theoretical work has been published in Film-Philosophy, Film Criticism, and The Oxford Artistic and Practice Based Research Platform. Before joining the AFVS Department, he worked as a film editor for Amiel Courtin-Wilson and Terrence Malick. Max holds a M.St. from The University of Oxford, and a B.A. from Johns Hopkins University.

FSC Works

Film Still from Decalcomania

Decalcomania (work-in-progress)

Max Bowens

Decalcomania is a double-portrait of Clovis Theilbaer and the process of imaging autism, as mother and son attempt to correspond with each other through time and the screen.

Film Still from Aurora

Aurora (work-in-progress)

Max Bowens

Underneath the surface of the earth, as human beings are reorienting our energetic relations to the natural world, time both flows and ruptures. In Point of Rocks, Wyoming – the largest coal producing state in the U.S. – only one underground coal mine remains. Laborers at Bridger Coal work towards an unknown abyss, and away from one past.