Project Description

Mariel Iezzoni

Portrait of Mariel Iezzoni

FSC Associated Fellow 2023-24

Mariel Iezzoni is an independent filmmaker. She wrote and directed the narrative shorts Burial and Circle Theory. Producing credits include Ava, 10 Months, The Coolest Club, Love Me, Love Me Not, and Nod.

Her films engage in a variety of styles, including experimental, docu-fiction, and traditional narrative forms. She received her Masters in Film from the City College of New York where she was a BAFTA Scholar and winner of the Chantal Akerman Student Prize.

Before film, Mariel worked in communications and public policy in Washington, DC and New York. She also served in the Peace Corps from 2012-2014 in the outer islands of the Federated States of Micronesia.

Her FSC projects include Waiting, a docu-fiction piece about her experience being nine months pregnant at the start of the covid pandemic and Red Hill Town, a feature narrative set in the coal regions of Pennsylvania where an aging man and his grandson are the last two citizens of their beloved and abandoned town.