Project Description

Manar Moursi

Portrait of Manar Moursi

FSC-Harvard Fellow 2023-24

Manar Moursi is a Kuwait-born Egyptian researcher, architect, and artist. Manar studied architecture at the University of Virginia and Princeton University. Her artistic work comprises the fields of installation, performance, photography, artist book, and writing. It explores tensions in the built environment, particularly public spaces and draws from her architectural training. Manar has presented her work in venues across the Middle East, Mexico, Canada, and Europe. In addition to her art practice, Manar is currently pursuing a Phd in Art and Architectural History, Theory, and Criticism at MIT. Her recent artistic explorations reflect her research interests in feminist theory, new materialism, sensory atmospheres, and decolonization.

FSC Works

Film Still from Liquid Worlds

Liquid Worlds

Manar Moursi

Liquid Worlds (tentatively titled) is about Egypt’s Mediterranean beaches as leisure spaces and complex social and ecological systems. Sand, tacky coastal tourist-villages, upper-class gated seaside communities, vernacular Bedouin coastal architecture, seawalls, and highways will be the materials depicted in the film. The film will also capture beach-side social activity focusing on posing bodies, and teenage coming-of-age in the summer.