Project Description

Lina Verchery

Portrait of Lina Verchery

FSC-Harvard Fellow 2009-10, 2015-16

Lina Verchery is a Frank Knox Fellow and Master of Divinity candidate at Harvard Divinity School with an academic focus on East Asian Buddhism. Most recently, she wrote and directed La Trappe/The Trap, a bilingual documentary short about Buddhist monks and Acadian lobster fishermen in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia for the National Film Board of Canada, which won ‘Best French-Canadian Short Film’ at the Festival International du Cinéma Francophone en Acadie (FICFA) in 2008. Lina co-wrote and co-directed De Midi à Minuit, a documentary short about cab drivers in Montréal which won first prize in the Alliance Française’s Concours Senghor: a fully-financed trip to the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. Lina also has over ten years of professional performance experience in film, television and theatre, working both in North America and Asia. Together with co-director Kyo Moon, her current FSC project is a theological exploration of God and religion through the eyes of the homeless congregants of Cambridge’s Outdoor Church.