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Liluye Dey Jhala

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FSC-Harvard Fellow 2004-05

Liluye Dey Jhala is currently an MFA candidate in Digital Media at the Rhode Island School of Design. She completed her undergraduate studies at Brown University with a BA in Art Semiotics within the department of Modern Culture and Media and studied International Relations. She has a background in documentary filmmaking and ethnography. Liluye was a presenter at the MIT Media Lab Asia and National Institute of Design (India) conference of “Storytelling in the Digital Age.” Her digital media work focuses on developing applications for interactive cinema in which she incorporates film, poetry, and painting into media objects building intimate and reflective installations. Her work is on exhibit during Spring 2005 at the RISD Museum in which the movement of visitors triggers sonic narratives of displacement for the immigrant continually navigating the site of origin and the site of arrival. Her work is also featured in the Technotronic Teleologies show at the RISD Sol Koffler gallery during Spring 2005 in which turning the pages of a diary of poetry controls the playback of video memories to create a confluence of actual space and recorded experience. Liluye is a poet and portrait painter and lives between her ancestral home of Dhrangadhara, India and the United States. While at the Film Study Center, she is collaborating with Angma Jhala on a digital video, Sailing in the Desert.