Project Description

Laurie McIntosh

Portrait of Laurie McIntosh by Tony Rinaldo

FSC-Harvard Fellow 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08

A doctoral candidate in social anthropology at Harvard University, Laurie McIntosh’s academic background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Literature, Studio Art and Feminist Studies, and a Master’s degree in Race and Gender Studies. Laurie is currently filming in Scandinavia for her first feature-length documentary, which is based on her dissertation research. Her research examines the politics of immigration, citizenship, and refugee rights and debates around the resurgence of nationalistic rhetoric and political mainstreaming of neo-Nazi sentiment throughout parts of Northern Europe. Exploring the daily lives of four individuals located in different spheres of this complex human rights dilemma, the digital video attempts to capture the ways in which individuals and nations negotiate the turbulent dynamics of migration, nationalistic fervor, anti-immigrant sentiment, violence, and state bureaucracy.