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Hilary Harris

Still from Screening Room with Robert Gardner and Hillary Harris

FSC-Harvard Fellow – Before 2004

Over the years the work of Oscar-winning filmmaker Hilary Harris moved steadily from abstraction to social commentary. “Why make films at all?” is the question he poses to himself, and answers by “to give a richer vision of surrounding reality. My aim is to lift people out of their preconceptions.”

Using non-linear film structures, he would present abstract forms and then reveal them to be part of familiar reality.

His award-winning films include Longhorns (1951), Organism (1975) and The Nuer (1971), produced with George Breidenbach while an associate of the Film Study Center

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Film Still from The Nuer

The Nuer

Hilary Harris and George Breidenbach, 16mm, 73 mins. (1971)

The visually stunning ethnographic film set in a cattle camp on a flood plain in southern Sudan. It portrays the rhythm and pace of life among the graceful Nuer, their rites of passage, and their affective relationship with cattle.

Distributed by Documentary Education Resources, Watertown, MA.