Project Description

Henri Herré

FSC-Harvard Fellow 2007-08, 2008-09

Henri Herré began his film career by making fiction films exploring the interaction of people and environment, both in very impersonal urban areas as well as on Easter Island. His fiction output includes five shorts and two features, Août and L’île au bout du monde. He subsequently moved into nonfiction film, making documentaries on various topics for European television channels, as well as scientific movies. Many of these works have been shown in international festivals and have won prizes. He has taught at the film school FEMIS in Paris. With the Film Study Center, he is working on a documentary on Boston’s history of cinema vérité. Other current projects include Cher Cherokee and a film on a public school in Dorchester.

FSC Works

Willing and Able – The Patrick O’Hearn School

Henri Herré, 91 min. (2008)

This is a documentary about the former Patrick O’Hearn School in Dorchester, Massachusetts, an inclusive school where about a third of the children are disabled in some way. Now re-dedicated in the name of it’s founding Principal, Dr. William W. Henderson, the school is a national model for successful inclusion practices. Filmed over two years by Henri Herré and John Doucet, it shows how a determined staff and community can create a new and highly successful model for education.