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David Rice

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FSC-Harvard Fellow 2005-06

David Rice graduated from the Visual and Environmental Studies department at Harvard in 2001, specializing in documentary film and video production. As an undergraduate, he made numerous short documentary films, an experimental piece about Dziga Vertov, and two feature length documentary videos. His thesis, Seeing Pearl (2001) won a Hoopes Prize from Harvard College. Since graduating, he has undertaken a number of independent video projects and served as a teaching assistant for eight non-fiction video production classes. In freelance work, he has filmed in Croatia, Turkey, Ireland, France, and throughout the United States. At the Film Study Center, he is completing Redcoat, a documentary about New England men who reenact battles from the Revolutionary War. Wary of representing the group as an outsider, he joined the Redcoats in order to make the film. Having sworn his allegiance to King George, he still dons wig and musket, on occasion, to march in various holiday parades or massacre colonial rabble, wherever it bubbles up. He is ready now for peacetime.