Project Description

Carlin Wing

Portrait of Carlin Wing

FSC-Harvard Fellow 2006-07

Carlin Wing graduated from Harvard College in 2002 with a degree in Visual and Environmental Studies and Social Anthropology. As an undergraduate she completed a photographic and written thesis called Culture Inc. which explored the intersections of the art world and the business world. She has since returned to Harvard as a teaching assistant for several photography and multi-media classes. She is currently working on a number of photography and video projects. At the Film Study Center she is continuing work on a multi-pronged project based around the childhood home of Ernestine Solomon. Ernestine was her babysitter when she was growing up in Brooklyn and is somewhere between a second mother and grandmother figure to her. Ernestine returns every summer to the house her father built in Allen Junction, West Virginia. The project will use video to investigate ideas of place and home with an attention to what happens to a place as more and more people move away. The project will also include a photographic component that will show the people who are still there.