Project Description

Andy Graydon

Portrait of Andy Graydon

FSC-Harvard Fellow 2019-20, continuing 2020-21

Working in film, video, sound, sculpture, installation, and performance, the work of Hawai’i-born artist Andy Graydon narrates processes of change, from emergence to decay, focusing on moments of transition and metamorphosis. He is interested in natural and social ecologies, and the role of listening and the voice, and engages structures of music such as scoring, improvisation, collective emergence, and community. Often ephemeral in nature, Graydon’s work combines minimal materials with elements that are absent, fictional, or imaginary.

FSC Works

Echo Answers

Andy Graydon

Echo Answers is a multi-channel video and sound installation that connects a group of scientists and artists in a collective exploration of their voices in relation to the spaces – architectural, virtual and disciplinary – through which they operate.