Project Description

Alexis Gambis

Portrait of Alexis Gambis

FSC-Harvard Fellow 2023-24

Alexis Gambis is a French-Venezuelan filmmaker and biologist. His films blur the lines between fact and fiction, blending scientific data with visual imagery and transforming his scientist heroes into the animals they study. In his Science New Wave manifesto, he argues for more diversity and experimentation in scientific storytelling. In 2008, he founded the New York-based Imagine Science Film Festival which is now celebrating fifteen years of showcasing science cinema from around the world. Five years ago, he launched the sister platform Labocine which brings together multidisciplinary research practices and film streaming. His latest feature Son of Monarchs delves into issues of identity, (im)migration and evolution. Now streaming on HBO Max, the Mexican-American narrative premiered at Sundance in 2021 and was awarded the Sloan Feature Film Prize. The New York Times praised the allegorical drama for its “rich imagery [that] will be imprinted in your memory, returning to you in dreams” and selected it as a Critics Pick. Alexis is currently working on an limited series inspired by the life and science fiction writings of the father of modern neuroscience Santiago Ramón y Cajal. Under the working title of El Beso Protoplasmático (The Protoplasmic Kiss), Ramón y Cajal on screen is a time traveler that reminisces about his early 20th century life and invokes the future through his dreams and predictions.