Project Description

Alex Fattal

Portrait of Alex Fattel

FSC-Harvard Fellow 2013-14, 2014-15

Alex Fattal received his doctorate in Anthropology with a secondary field in Critical Media Practice in 2014 from Harvard University. His current project is an experimental feature length documentary on the lives of former guerrillas from the Revolutionary Armed Forces in Colombia. The piece is tentatively titled Dreams from the Concrete Mountain. Part of that project has been filmed in the payload of a truck transformed into a giant camera obscura. Alex’s previous projects include Trees Tropiques and Disparando Cámaras para la Paz. You can learn more about his work here.

FSC Works


Alex Fattal, 25 min. (2019)

A oneiric journey through Alex’s life as a former guerrilla leads to a reckoning with the devil inside of him. His only cure is yagé, a sacred plant used by his indigenous community. As both a perpetrator and victim, Alex exemplifies the complexity of the Colombian conflict and the difficulties of simply moving on.

​Limbo tells Alex’s story in a truck transformed into a giant camera obscura in which up and down, wrong and right are not fixed. It is in this confessional, surreal, psychoanalytic space where we are confronted with life mired between a militant passed and a civilian present.

Through this experiment in filmmaking, in this moving black box, a life in Limbo is illuminated.