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Ákös Öster

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FSC-Harvard Fellow – Before 2004

Ákös Öster is co-producer, with Robert Gardner, of the Pleasing God trilogy of films, Loving Krishna, Sons of Shiva, and Serpent Mother and of Forest of Bliss.

After teaching in the Anthropology department at Harvard, in 1983 he moved to the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies as a Senior Research Fellow. In 1988 he joined Wesleyan University where he is Professor of Anthropology and Film Studies. Öster’s major publications include  The Play of The Gods (1981),  Culture and Power (1984),  Kinship and Ritual in Bengal (with Lina Fruzzetti, 1984),  Culture and Change Along the Blue Nile (with Lina Fruzzetti, 1990), and  Vessels of Time (1993).

He has also collaborated on various videos with Alfred Guzzetti, Osgood Hooker Professor of Visual Arts at Harvard, including Seed and Earth(with Lina Fruzzetti, Alfred Guzzetti, and Ned Johnston, 1996) and Khalfan and Zanzibar (with Lina Fruzetti and Alfred Guzzetti, 2000).