Luis Arnias’ film “Bisagras” to Premiere at MoMA’s Doc Fortnight 2024

Congratulations to FSC fellow (2014-23) Luis Arnias, whose FSC supported film, Bisagras, will premiere at MoMA Doc Fortnight 2024 on March 2nd at 6 pm in a program called, Arriba está el Mar.


A film exploring the enduring here and elsewhere of black consciousness. Finding a connection through the film’s emulsion and my skin, Bisagras holds my experience as a person of Afro-Caribbean descent during a visit to the house of slaves in Gorée Island, Senegal and the port of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. In these places I dare to imagine my ancestors’ history of the journey of African slaves to America and draw a line that goes through me.

Doc Fortnight 2024 at MoMA

Arriba Está el Mar, Presented by Sociedad del Tiempo Libre

Saturday, March 2, 6:00 p.m.

Q&A with Beatriz Santiago Munoz, Pablo Guardiola, Miryam Charles, Luis Arnias, Ricardo Ariel Toribio, Joiri Minaya, Laura Sofia Perez, Juan Carlos Alom

Throughout the Caribbean region, the sea is visible when you climb toward the sky, up in the mountains. All the works in this screening, guest curated by the Puerto Rico–based artist cooperative Sociedad del Tiempo Libre, have a link to the expansive and expanded, multifaceted Caribbean and move through iconic scenes—carnival, bucolic tropical landscape, exuberant musical city—in which an event or a specific history unfolds through gesture and voice. The program, featuring short films by Juan Carlos Alom, Miryam Charles, Joiri Minaya, Ricardo Ariel Toribio, Luis Arnías, Laura Sofía Pérez, and Minia Biabiany, will be presented by STL’s Beatriz Santiago Muñoz and Pablo Guardiola, with select filmmakers present.