Phillip Warnell’s “Intimate Distances” screening at Visions du Réel

Screening online now through May 2, 2020, FSC-Radcliffe Fellow (2017-18) Phillip Warnell’sIntimate Distances” at Visions du Réel.

About the film:

Phillip Warnell’s new film “Intimate Distances” (2020) presents a bird’s eye view and circuitous return to a crime scene, following legendary street scout Martha Wollner as she casts her eye in a search of encounters with young men at the intersections of Astoria, speculating on whether they might be capable of some future crime, anticipating the potential for dissonance in both real lives and for screen characterization simultaneously. A dynamic exploration of local forces and neighborhood trade politics, this practically real-time film deliberates on cinema’s exploitation of appearances, unlocking casting, and profiling technique. It is supported by the voiced, redacted testimony of an already convicted criminal, on whom the film’s lead character would be based, using fragments from what was actually an unsuccessful audition for another crime film.

United Kingdom, United States • 1h 1m