Project Description

Aarti Sunder

Portrait of Aarti Sunder

FSC-Harvard Fellow 2021-22

Aarti Sunder is interested in ideas that create the subject: the infrastructure of technology, economy, experience and fiction; how we relate to these ideas and how they make us. Aarti uses video, performance, writing and drawings as tools of her research and practice. The film she is working with will be centered on online gaming as a highly regulated, organized, produced space that rests on fictions, incidental labour, nation-state narratives and its terrestrial effects. The attempt is to chart out a socio-cultural and creative apparatus – where individuals, graphics, work and play coincide. Here ‘play’, ‘plot’ and ‘site’ interact with labour, data-sets, the virtual, and collective imagination. Can web-based solidarities be re-created based on virtual simulation: meta-narratives of capital, processes of individuation, addiction and the fictional collide and attempt to create new fictions. Relooking at how we speak of events that we already know of intimately can help us tell better stories of fictions past, present, and future.