“Dry Ground Burning” by Joana Pimenta and Adirley Queirós reviewed in the New York Times and Begins Theatrical Run

Film still from Dry Ground Burning

Dry Ground Burning was recently reviewed in the New York Times and begins its theatrical run tonight at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. The Brazilian film by FSC Director and filmmaker Joana Pimenta and filmmaker Adirley Queirós is “an electrifying portrait of Brazil’s dystopian contemporary moment, blending documentary with narrative fiction,” (BAM).

In the New York Times, critic Beatrice Loayza writes, “In Hollywood these days, radical chic is back in fashion. A number of sexy thrillers that dramatize the history of radical politics or pose provocative hypotheticals about the future of activism have emerged. For my money, none match the incendiary power of Dry Ground Burning, a feminist gangster movie from Brazil that spits oil in the face of that country’s political establishment.

Pimenta and Queirós invent a world in which Brazilian women at the very bottom of the social totem pole take matters into their own hands. They do so without an ounce of fear or self-pity — and in killer style to boot. And it’s not just artist types and famous actors who enact these possibilities, but the very people most empowered by imagining themselves otherwise.”

Congratulations to Joana and Adirley!

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